A global foundation benefiting young people and communities through educational scholarships

Board Members

We are currently looking for interested individuals who would like to join our Board. Please contact Bill Davis if you are interested or have questions. We would love to have you join us!

We are pleased to announce that Barbara Competello has joined the Board of Esperanza Foundation.

Current Board Members
William E. Davis, CEO:       Read William's bio >>
Constance A. Davis, COO
Marya E. Davis, Secretary
Penny A. Shrawder, CFO
Barbara Competello

About us – The Esperanza Story

Esperanza Inc is a 509(a)(2) public charity organization that was founded in 2013 by members of the Davis family. The name of the entity is Esperanza which means “hope” in Spanish. The foundation was formed to assist young people who are seeking to acquire the skills and values necessary to be productive and outstanding individuals devoted to serving their communities. The Foundation goals include developing and assisting in self-sustaining activities for individuals as well as communities. The mission of the organization is to promote human development, support aspiring students in their efforts to obtain higher education and educate the community on critical issues of the day affecting them and the world around them.

Esperanza grew out of the Davis Family support for indigenous (Pehuenche) students in southern Chile to study law. To date, two students have graduated from law school and one has been admitted to the practice of law. The second graduate is in his first year of a two-year required program of practice. In addition, the Davis family has worked closely with a remarkable Pehuenche woman who is dedicated to improving the quality of life and incomes of Pehuenche living in the Andes, through the development of hot houses for organic produce, the production of woven products for sale, and the introduction of new types of wool producing sheep.

During the past year, the Foundation, after consulting with the principal of Portola High School, in Portola, California, identified the need to assist high school students with funds for college. Portola is located in Plumas County and is one of the poorest counties in California. The closing of a major railroad center, combined with a decline in the lumber industry, have created high levels of unemployment and a stagnant economy. We have created a scholarship fund in the memory of Connee’s late father, John Shrawder. John was a farmer, a conservationist in the 1960’s and 70’s working for the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation. In the 1970’s he began teaching at Sacramento State classes on environmental studies. He deeply loved the High Sierra and taught his daughter and son, Jack, the same affection.

Esperanza Inc is a 509(a)(2) tax exempt, public charity, not-for-profit entity with no political affiliation or political agenda. The Foundation seeks to create educational opportunities for communities and individuals to become informed about the challenges we face in this ever complex and sometimes conflictive world.

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