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The above article, printed in the Plumas County newspaper, summarizes the symposium topics at the Third Annual Spring Symposium held on June 11, 2016 at the Whitehawk Community Center, Whitehawk Ranch, Clio, California. The Symposium is part of the annual High Sierra Golf Classic Tournament and fundraiser. Our next Golf and Symposium events will be held June 8 - 10, 2017. Contact William E. Davis for more information and email updates: 530-383-5660



Aricle posted in the Portola Newspaper June, 2017

Esperanza Foundation Symposium and Fund Raiser
Esperanza Foundation concluded its 4th Annual Symposium and Fund Raiser for Portola High School Students on June 10, 2017

The Symposium had two main speakers and a musical presentation. Professor Malcolm Feeley from UC Berkeley Law School spoke on the recent history of criminal justice policy, rates of crime and incarceration rates. Notwithstanding the political discourse today we are experiencing much lower rates of criminality, he said. Nevertheless, we have the highest rates of incarceration in history. A combination of laws, such as three strikes which include relatively minor offenses in the calculations of length of sentences have led to creation of the most expensive prison system in the world. Further, he cited the reduction and elimination of judicial discretion have crippled judges from applying sentences to certain circumstances of each crime and each defendant. He cited the bail system as being the equivalent of debtors prison. The vast majority of those waiting for court dates are unable to post bail even though do not reflect a risk of flight or a security risk. He pointed out the largest geriatric hospital in the world belongs to the California prison system. The public needs to understand the composite costs of this system and weigh the alternatives in developing justice policies.

He indicated that increasingly groups of different political persuasions are joining forces to pursue new approaches to criminal justice policy. This development offers some hope for change in the current situation.

Dr. Rand Marimoto, President and founder of convergent technologies a world expert on cyber security addressed the nearly 100 attendees at the Whitehawk Ranch Community Center. Dr. Marimoto, who had served as an advisor to three Presidents, reviewed the recent history of international cyber attacks. He reported that he had detected these issues as being of national security nearly 20 years ago as the internet was developing. He cited numerous international entities who engage in cyber terrorism. Further, he cautioned against assuming the veracity of information appearing on the internet. Among the most common elements of cybersecurity is mis or disinformation. He urged checking multiple sources prior to accepting the truth of what is being transmitted.

He discussed concerns expressed by members in the audience regarding their own personal security on the internet. He cautioned against just signing up for every new method of ”closing your windows as the tv commercial indicates, or relying on each new device being promoted. Expert hackers can get into these devices quite easily. He suggested frequent change of passwords to combat intruders.

Esperanza Foundation has been raising funds for high school graduates from Portola high School for the past 4 years. A silent auction was held later that evening raising funds for 5 graduating seniors from Portola High School to receive $3,000 scholarships, Anna McAuliff, Heather Marsh, Chelsea Roosenchoon, Grace Stevens and Mallory Wilson.

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