A global foundation benefiting young people and communities through educational scholarships

2018 Scholarships

The primary Foundation activities each year are centered on raising funds for scholarships and to provide the community with a Symposium on critical issues of the day in Plumas County.

In 2018, funds raised at the silent auction and contributions made totaled $12,800. The Directors of the Foundation interviewed students at Portola High School who applied for scholarships. The Foundation awarded scholarships in the amount of $3,000 each to the three graduating seniors from Portola High School.

Isabella F.
Isabella Folchi undecided between SF State, UC Irvine or Chico State. Isabella as worked over 100 hours of community service, plus she works 40 hours a week.

Hayley R.
Hayley is going to UC Davis pursuing a career in math and or physics. She is class valedictorian and has performed over 500 hours of public service.

Eric J.
Eric plans on becoming a wildlife biologist will attend Feather River College before transferring to UNR or Utah State

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