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2017 Scholarships

The primary Foundation activities each year are centered on raising funds for scholarships and to provide the community with a Symposium on critical issues of the day in Plumas County.

In 2017, funds raised at the silent auction and contributions made totaled $21,000. The Directors of the Foundation interviewed students at Portola High School who applied for scholarships. The Foundation awarded scholarships in the amount of $3,000 each to the five graduating seniors from Portola High School.

Anna M.
Anna has been accepted to University of Colorado to study physics. She wrote by studying physics “‘I can question the obvious, access the unknown and understand life in the broadest and most specific terms”. “My quintessential goal is to give back. The advancement of science in a community can mean anything from increasing interactive technology in a classroom to providing clean water in another country in some way. The money I receive from the scholarship will be given back to the community in some fashion.”

Erin S.
Erin's concern for sustainability and the protection of natural resources, motivated her to implement an aeroponics system to grow produce for use in the Portola High School cafeteria and culinary arts classes. The project was so successful that she retained several grants and donations to purchase a second aeroponics tower for the cafeteria. She is attending CalPoly in the fall and intends to major in agricultural and environmental plant sciences. She plans and to continue on to graduate school to study business. Her goal is to start a nonprofic organization to grow healthy and sustainable produce for those in need.

Heather M.
Heather is attending Grand Canyon University in Arizona where she plans to major in biology. Her goal is to become a trauma surgeon. During high school she gave 600 hours of community service. She had been class President and Capitan of the volleyball and basketball teams. One reference said of Heather, her greatest attribute is leadership skills. She leads by example. She always gives more than 100 percent.”

Chelsea R.
Chelsea has been accepted at three universities to study wildlife rehabilitation or ornithology. Chelsea’s love for birds led her to become a falconer. She dreams of having a Raptor Rehabilitation Center for Plumas County. Chelsea started a Friday night program that allows youth to plan and participate in activities that benefit the community and themselves. She focused on educating youth on the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

Grace S.
Grace is focused on science and engineering. She has decided to begin college in Cuesta Community College prior to transferring to a four year university. She is the first person in her family to attend college. Since her freshman year she has been very involved with the Wounded Warrior benefit called Top Cop. She said” through this experience she gained understanding, empathy, compassion and humanity.

Mallory W.
Mallory will begin her education journey at Feather River College. Her goal is to become an environmental lawyer. One reference said of Mallory “ she is bright very engaged young person who will look for challenges and exceed expectations. Mallory loves English literature and writing. She greatly admires her grandmother who is environmental lawyer.

Thank you for your donation.

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